PAST EVENT – Fiesta Days May 28, 2011 – Canyon Lake, CA (Big MaMa Earth Co-Hosted Event) (Click to View Pictures)

Big MaMa Earth in a parade at Fiesta Days in Canyon Lake, CA.
Big MaMa Earth having fun with a group of Brownies at the Fiesta Days Event - May 2011
Big MaMa Earth and kids who have an interest in the environment.
Big MaMa Earth having fun with kids at a watermelon eating contest at Fiesta Day Event - May 2011
Big MaMa Earth getting hugs from some young boys at Fiesta Days - May 2011
Big MaMa Earth and some friendly kids.

Fiesta Days is the largest event in Riverside County and Big MaMa Earth Co-hosted this annual event.  Thousands of excited kids and families participated in the fun this year with a parade, watermelon eating contest, waterski show and much more.  Big MaMa Earth walked around in the crowd and received hugs and had many pictures taken. Big MaMa Earth was hit of the Event.   A portion of Big MaMa Earth’s new TV show was filmed during the event.

PAST EVENT – The Indie Music Fest May 21, 2011 Las Vegas, Nevada (Big MaMa Earth to Co-Host Event) (Click to View Pictures)

Las Vegas is welcoming Big MaMa Earth to the first Green Indie Music Fest on May 21st. Big MaMa Earth will be co-hosting this annual event with this years theme “Lets help make Las Vegas Green”. Come and join us for a day of fun, learning and music. Big MaMa Earth will be on the BMME trailer stage with many guests and a full day of events and surprises.

Black Mountain Productions Inc. and Green Living Nevada, are presenting: The Indie Music Fest, May 21, 2011, being held at: Sunset Park, Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is a unique annual grassroots music festival/showcase, that is not your typical festival. It is specifically designed for the unsigned indie artist, writer and musician, the environment and the local community. The Indie Music Fest is also, making a major effort in the attempt to create many Green opportunities at the event, from the ground level up!

There will be many activities and some will include: 2-4 stages to support up to 40+ of the best unsigned indie bands, representing the genres of: Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Urban, Adult Contemporary, Reggae, Ska, Punk and Rock, from all across the United States. We will have the “Indie Fest 5K Run” benefiting: Habitat For Humanity, there will be: DJ’s, Music Industry VIP’s, Vendors representing products and services which include: Music, Sports, Recreation and Health, Green-Eco and specialty products, a Car Show, Sports Activities, Headliners, a Green Environment Friendly Vendor Village, The Artist Vendor Village and so much more. Our official local charities include: Habitat For Humanity and Three Square, part of Feeding America. This is certainly a one-of-a-kind event not to be missed!

PAST EVENT – American Going Green Festival – Observing Earth Day – Saturday April 23, 2011 at Kimball Park in National City, CA (Big MaMa Earth Hosted the Event) (Click to View Pictures)


Big MaMa Earth and some friendly kids on stage.
Big MaMa Earth, Ross and kids.

Big MaMa Earth's booth at event.

Big MaMa Earth with the National City Bears Football Team at the America Going Green Festival - April 2011

Big MaMa Earth hosted, California’s Earth Day Jam which is the region’s largest Earth Day Music observance on April 23rd.  There was more than 11 bands, seventy environmental exhibitors, activities for children and a variety of food and beverages, the entertainment runs on two stages all day and all night at the historic Kimball Park in National City . Big MaMa Earth was the hit of the entire show and the Mayor of National City and their football team, The National City Bears proclaimed Big MaMa Earth as the City’s first Eco-walk around Character.

California Earth Day Jam was Eco-friendly and the music festival that was powered with 8,000 watts of sunshine provided by California Solar Innovation . We’re talking the talk, and walking the walk.

PAST EVENT – Go Green Expo April 15th-17th 2011 Los Angeles, CA (Big MaMa Earth Co-Hosted Event) (Click to View Pictures)

Big MaMa Earth, Ross and Green T at a Big MaMa Earth Learning performance at the Go Green Expo - April 2011

Big MaMa Earth and Green T talking with Ed Begley Jr. at the Go Green Expo. Ed likes Big MaMa Earth.

Captain Watson from Whale Wars likes Big MaMa Earth.
Big MaMa Earth with some kids at the Go Green Expo - April 2011
Big MaMa Earth and Green T interviewing the owner of GREENsense at Go Green Expo - April 2011
Big MaMa Earth and Green T talking with a Spokeperson for a new electric car.

Big MaMa Earth hosted the childrens and family section of the Go Green Expo on April 15th to the 17th and was the talk of the entire show. Friday the 15th was business-to-business day and Big MaMa Earth worked with businesses in assisting their businesses in establishing or expanding their Green Initiatives. On Saturday and Sunday the 16th & 17th Big MaMa Earth welcomed hundreds of children and their families to the Big MaMa Earth Learning Experience stage for live performances. Big MaMa Earth had many green celebrities stop by our booth such as Ed Begley Jr., Captain Paul Watson (Whale Wars), Mariel Hemingway and they were all supportive of the Big MaMa Earth childern and families movement.

The Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street, South Hall G
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Business-to-Business Expo – NEW DATE!
Friday, April 15, 2011 • 10am – 5pm

This day is exclusively for retail & wholesale buyers, purchasing managers & agents, government / city procurement officers and decision makers who make corporate purchases on behalf of their organizations, agencies & companies.

Open to Public
Saturday, April 16, 2011 • 10am – 6pm
Sunday, April 17, 2011 • 10am – 5pm

MadWire Web Design – Loveland, Colorado

We at MadWire Web Design support Big MaMa Earth. We’re a full service internet marketing, website design & development company specializing in services for small-to-large sized businesses worldwide, BigCommerce and Colorado. We offer a wide range of design, development, programming, and marketing services to fit your needs.

Do you know what it takes to be successful? If not, it’s okay, we’re here to help. We can build a website, online marketing campaign, and search engine optimization programs that will give you the edge over your competitors.

PAST EVENT – Temecula Green Rod Run March 12, 2011 Temecula, CA (Big MaMa Earth Co-Hosted the Event) (Click to View Pictures)

Temecula Green Rod Run and Kids hugging Big MaMa Earth
Big MaMa Earth talking with some kids at the Temecula Geen Rod Run - Feb 2011
Big MaMa Earth and Green T with kids on the stage.

Big MaMa Earth hosted the first Green Childrens Temecula Rod Run on Saturday March 12th. Tamara Henry a.k.a. Green T and Big MaMa Earth interviewed hundreds of children and their families at the event and empowered them to recycle, reduce, reuse and support animal rights and rain forest and ocean protection. Big MaMa Earth also asked kids and their families to support the earthquake and tsunami survivors in Japan. We are all connected to everyone and everything on this Planet. If we all do a little we can accomplish a lot.

PRESS – Urban Mining – April 2012 – Big MaMa Earth Entertainment Joins Effort to Tackle Electronic Waste (Click to View Link)

Leading environmental and community organizations today applauded Big MaMa Earth Entertainment’s decision to become an “e-Stewards Enterprise.“  In doing so, Big MaMa Earth Entertainment commits to pursuing the most responsible recycling practices for its electronic waste, or e-waste by using e-Stewards Certified Recyclers.

In addition, Big MaMa Earth will promote responsible electronic recycling as part of its “Learning Experience,” which teaches children, families and corporations fun environmental education awareness and solutions. To encourage children and families to take action, co-founder Mike Miller and his team are developing the first Eco-Kids TV Show called “Big MaMa Earth & ME” and are appearing at schools and green events throughout the Southwest.

PRESS – Awareness Magazine – March-April 2012 – Can We Save the Planet for $1.00 (Click to View Link)

In today’s economy, will families donate $1 or more to save the planet? Mike Miller, co-founder of Big MaMa Earth Entertainment, is counting on it. Miller, known as Grandpa Mikey to his grandkids, is a TV infomercial producer, a past executive search consultant and has been an environmentalist his entire life.

“Our environment is in peril — approaching a tipping point,” and “our children, being the future of our planet, can show us the way.” To encourage everyone to take action, Miller and his team are developing the first Eco-Kids TV Show called, “Big MaMa Earth & ME.”

The TV show will engage, inspire, and empower children, teachers, and families to take action. It will teach them about environmental solutions they can implement in their homes, schools, and communities. The show will be a blend of a green Hannah Montana, Wild Kingdom, and Sesame Street.

PRESS – Planet Disney – Big MaMa Earth Co-hosted The New World F.E.S.T. – Feb 2012 (Click to View Link)

The Big MaMa Earth’s “Learning Experience”  Co-hosted the New World F.E.S.T on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 7-9 on the beaches of Santa Monica, with many other performers and speakers on its stage.  Big MaMa Earth is a fun, live, walk around-Character, a Green Eco friendly movement, an inspiring new outlook on life, and a worldwide web portal for the next generation.  The Big MaMa Earth Learning Experience is housed in a solar powered 20-foot presentation trailer with a 12-foot drop down stage, a professional PA sound system and is considered by many to be like a “Disney Act on Wheels.”

PRESS – Green Festival Press Portal – February 2012 – Big MaMa Earth TV Show (Click to View Link)

Is the Earth Day spirit still alive?  In today’s economy, will families donate $1 or more to save the Planet?  Mike Miller, co-founder of Big MaMa Earth Entertainment, is counting on it. Miller, known as Grandpa Mikey to his grand kids, is a TV infomercial producer, a past business consultant, and a devoted environmentalist his entire life. “Our environment is in peril – approaching a tipping point”, and, “our children, being the future of our planet, can show us the way”. To encourage everyone to take action, Miller and his team are developing the first Eco-Kids TV Show called, “Big MaMa Earth & ME”.

PRESS – Earth Preservers – February 2012 – Big MaMa Earth performs New Eco-Music (Click to View Link)

Listen up! Eco-music is everywhere. Singers like Miley Cyrus are using their talents to communicate a “green” message. Talented teens are writing their own green lyrics and putting them to songs by artists like Kanye West. Very young students are learning by singing fun songs about the importance of caring for the planet. Here at Earth Preservers we’ve got a green play list that just keeps growing and growing and growing.

PRESS – Press Enterprise – Infomercial King now Advertising Saving Planet – December 23, 2011 (Click to View Link)

Mike Miller made a fortune in the infomercial business but now Miller has a new pitch: saving the Earth’s environment one child, one skit, one recycled bottle, one energy-efficient light bulb at a time. He said ocean reefs, which provide some of the Earth’s oxygen, are in particular peril because of pollution. “We really have an acute love for nature and wildlife protection. And I’ve used that through everything that we’ve done,” Miller said.

PRESS – Global License Magazine – Big MaMa Earth is assisting ABC7 in collecting toys for the annual Spark of Love Toy – December 2011 (Click to View Link)

Big MaMa Earth is assisting ABC7 in collecting toys for the annual Spark of Love Toy Drive to benefit firefighters from Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties, along with the Los Angeles City Fire Department. This campaign collects new, unwrapped toys and sports equipment for the underserved children in our communities.

PRESS – Press Enterprise – Big MaMa Earth is assisting with the annual Spark of Love Toy Drive – November 2011 (Click to View Link)

Big MaMa Earth, a Canyon Lake-based organization that educates children on environmental issues such as recycling, is assisting with the annual Spark of Love Toy Drive. Big MaMa Earth is trying to fill its 20-foot trailer with toys before delivering them to needy children in Southern California.  Spark of Love, helped by firefighters from Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura counties, collected 500,000 toys and pieces of sports equipment last year.  For information about dropping off new, unwrapped toys and sports equipment, call Mike Miller at 951-244-8444.  The organization will be collecting toys even after Christmas.

PRESS – Earth Day Network – Big MaMa Earth is teaching in schools and at Green Events fun ways to recycle, reduse and reuse – October 2011 (Click to View Link)

Big MaMa Earth is teaching in schools and at Green Events fun ways to recycle, reduse and reuse.  Big MaMa Earth has developed a nationwide recycling, reducing & reusing program for the collection of E-waste (Cell Phones, old computers, etc) and ink cartridges. We are distributing Big MaMa Earth collection boxes and vessels in schools, high rise buildings and in retail stores. Please check our website for a Big MaMa Earth E-waste and ink cartridge collection center near you.

PRESS – PRWeb – Big MaMa Earth & Eco-Earth Kids Will Co-Host the New World F.E.S.T, October 7-9th on the Beaches of Santa Monica – October 2011 (Click to View Link)

The Big MaMa Earth’s “Learning Experience” will be Co-hosting the New World F.E.S.T on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 7-9 on the beaches of Santa Monica, with many other performers and speakers on its stage. Big MaMa Earth is a fun, live, walk around-Character, a Green Eco friendly movement, an inspiring new outlook on life, and a worldwide web portal for the next generation.

PRESS – San Diego Children’s Coalition – Big MaMa Earth hosts Water for Children Music Fest – September 2011 (Click to View Link)

Big MaMa Earth will host the Children’s area at the Water for Children’s Music Festival.  Big MaMa Earth was created by Grandpa Mikey and his talented friend Art Al for Michael’s grandkids Jordan, Jessica and Emma and all of the children of the world. The inspiration to create the BMME’s characters and theme came from our love of this beautiful planet and all of its inhabitants. When we were children we enjoyed fresh air, clean clear lakes, an abundance of wildlife and everyone on the Big MaMa Earth’s – Management Team, Advisory Board and Consultants want to continue that legacy for our children’s children.

PRESS – The Friday Flyer – May 2011 (Click to View Link)

Big MaMa Earth, created by Canyon Lake residents Mike and Cathy Miller and their friend, Al Lowenheim, will be on hand at this year’s Fiesta Day in the form of a live walk-around character and learning experience where children will see what Mike describes as “a green, eco-friendly movement, inspiring new outlook on life . . . and non-biased scientific information about environmental and social issues.”

PRESS – Global License Magazine – May 2011 (Click to View Link)

BMME Entertainment debuted its Big MaMa Earth property at Licensing International Expo. Currently BMME
Entertainment is in final negotiations for multiple deals including a large mobile phone and long distance provider for e-waste drop boxes nationwide; grocery bag collection centers; to brand the logo on reverse vending systems and collection centers and recycling centers, as well as a cable network broadcast deal for its children’s TV series, “Big MaMa Earth & Me!”

PRESS – Indie Music Festival Las Vegas – May 2011 (Click to View Link)

A Grassroots Music Festival For The “Indie” Artist, Writer And Musician. The Big MaMa Earth “Learning Experience” will be appearing at schools, expos, environmental fund raising events, sporting events, red & green carpet events and in your community soon and will introduce Big MaMa Earth’s website and up and coming virtual world. Now children will be able to learn in schools and at home with their families; empowering non-bias scientific factual information about environmental and social issues, that we all face along with powerful solutions.

Cathy Miller

Cathy Miller – Eco-Spokesperson – Team Member.

Cathy has 15 years in the health industry.  She helps other people because she wants them to feel better, since she is blessed with good health herself.  For the last 10 years she has been a part time caregiver working with disadvantaged individuals.   She went  into care giving because she wanted to make a more profound difference in someone’s life, make them feel good and raise their spirits.

She has been a supporter of her local animal shelters and has adopted her cat friends from them over the last 25 years. She has also sponsored several young girls through Children International over the last 20 years.

She is also a supporter of animal rights and an advocate for a healthier and cleaner environment.

Kids Environmental Education & Conservation, Big Mama Earth

Teach your kids about conservation of  the environment so he or she can make a substantial difference in keeping our planet clean and sustainable.  Big Mama Earth teaches kids environmental education to kids through great graphics, games, tutorials and more.  Big Mama Earth will keep them entertained and taught about endangered species conservation, earth day education, global warming information, conservation ecosystems and more.  Log on at and call with any questions you may have at 951-244-8444.

Educational Website Teaching Kids Environmental Conservation, Big Mama Earth

Parents Big MaMa Earth is a safe, empowering and educational website for children to learn about our world’s environmental challenges and ways that they can make a difference.  We have many entertaining ways to teach your child how he or she can be an instrumental part of keeping our environment clean and sustainable.  From games to chats, to videos we teach while entertaining your child.  Visit us at .  Call us with any questions at 951-244-8444.

Kids For Saving The Earth, Big MaMa Earth

If there were a way to get everyone on our Planet involved – to just do a little bit, in their own neighborhood, in their own home – we could accomplish a great deal.  That’s what Big Mama Earth is all about.  Kids for saving the Earth.  We set to educate the children about the environment and how to preserve it.  If we start teaching the kids early the importance of how we treat our earth can mean environmental conservation.  Big Mama Earth has great graphics and lots of fun activities for kids  that teaches them at the same time.  Please visit us online at  and start enjoying teaching your children about how to keep the earth healthy!

Teach Kids About Environmental Conservation

Big MaMa Earth would like to  collectively empower everyone on our Planet to do just a little bit in their own community, in their own school, in their own neighborhood, and in their own home and acted on together, will accomplish a great amount for our Planet Earth. Your conservation efforts matter. We listen, so share your ideas on one of our groups or forums.  This is a exciting and fun place for children to learn about their environment and how to keep it thriving.  Learn about environmental conservation, endangered species conservation, conservation eco system and more.  Join our kids for saving earth and everything kids environmental.  Visit us online at and call with questions at 951-244-8444.

Big MaMa Earth, Environmental Conservation For Kids

 Big MaMa earth will be a new, exciting leading-edge virtual world full of fun, adventures and activities focused exclusively on identifying and helping solve our planet’s environmental and social challenges. You, and your friends and classmates can interact with fully animated 3D characters living in naturalistic habitats. Through your efforts, Big MaMa Earth may collectively empower everyone on our Planet to do just a little bit in their own community, in their own school, in their own neighborhood, and in their own home and acted on together, will accomplish a great amount for our Planet Earth. Your conservation efforts matter. We listen, so share your ideas on one of our groups or forums.  Visit us online at  Environmental Conservation for Kids.

Bob Horn

Bob Horn – Senior Business Consultant.

Bob is a business development professional with extensive experience in start-up, restructuring, and diversification of small businesses and he is an advocate for the environment and child safety. Industry exposure includes manufacturing, high-tech, service, and computer software. He has also developed a reputation for promoting the public/private interface of government offices and service providers with the greater business community.

Bob is the owner of Bob Horn Business Improvement, LLC – dedicated to business assessments, optimization planning, buyer/seller matching, and fund sourcing for small businesses. He is also involved in SBIR/STTR funding assistance.

Earlier Tucson involvement includes affiliations with contract manufacturers, the BusinessLINC Program at the City of Tucson – Office of Economic Development and Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities (TREO), and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Pima College.

Bob strongly promotes collaboration in the business community because it embraces the “better, cheaper, faster” goals of competitive global commerce. He has worked with thousands of business and community entities providing a broad-based insight into the configuration, function, and management of organizations as well as a sensitivity and respect for the people involved. Bob has received local, state, and national recognition in the areas of customer service, community service, project success, and productivity.

Carol Cole

Carol Cole – President & Founder – NuFace Inc.

Carol is an advocate for the environment and supporter of the Big MaMa Earth Project. She loves to spend time with her grand children in the outdoors and has taken an active role in the preservation of the environment. Cole is the founder, creator, and inspiration behind NuFace® and the Carol Cole Company. She has been seen in many magazines and TV shows (Redbook, Bazaar, Self, Vogue, Us, Shape, In Style, Today, Nightline, Fox News, etc) and she is NuFace’s spokesperson on the QVC shopping network. Carol is a visionary and expert in at home technology and a pioneer in the evolution of the aesthetic industry.

As a well known and highly experienced licensed cosmetologist, Carol has had a successful aesthetic practice located in San Diego California, a mecca for health and beauty. For over twenty five years Carol has treated thousands of men and women in the Southern California area. By 1983 Carol had began developing a great reputation and was hired by the renowned Golden Door Health Spas to work with “A list” celebrities which included the likes of Christie Brinkley, The Clintons and other well known celebrities. Her passion grew and soon after in 1985, Carol began treating clients from Beverly Hills in the privacy of their own homes.

She became immersed in microcurrent technology and its holistic, non invasive benefits to the skin, it became her mission to make a true visible difference in the skin of all her clients. Carol recognized the powerful results of microcurrent technology and launched NuFace®, the first and only hand held microcurrent device FDA approved for home use, has enabled Carol to broaden her mission to the masses.

Julie Miers

Julie Miers – Children’s Marketing/Branding Executive.

Julie is an advocate for the environment, as well as overall health & fitness, and has over 18 years experience in creative, consumer centric CPG brand marketing, product development and promotions. Her focus has been to work on eco-friendly, children’s and healthy products. She has held senior level marketing roles at the following companies.

Crayola/HallMark – Director of the Create Confidence global business segment which created and launched 60+ new products and various retailer programs that encourages artistic confidence in kids in a fun, inspiring way. Also led licensing-in partnerships with Disney, Nickelodeon, Lucas Films/Star Wars and Hit Entertainment. Partnerships helped achieve incremental net revenue, and the launch of the Hannah Montana, Disney Princess, Cars, Handy Manny, Toy Story and Little Einstein’s product lines. Received the distinguished “Platform Team of the Year” award.

Coleman – Director of Coleman for Kids – Completely revitalized the Coleman for Kids brand, including expansion into global markets, launching 30+ new products, creating the first fully integrated communications plan, and forming partnerships with Wal-Mart’s FLW, Boy Scouts, Campfire Boys & Girls, Radio Disney, and Becoming An Outdoors Woman. Initiatives delivered a 100% sales increase, and distribution into new accounts.

The Kellogg Company – Directed all adult health/wellness, recipe, and kid loyalty categories and programs including the Tonymobile, American Airlines, Disney Kash, MGM Films DVD programs, Speaking of Women’s Health, the Super Bowl and March Madness, Scooby-Doo, DC Comics, Hot Wheels and Barbie. Launched, a new loyalty kid’s Web site to drive awareness and consumption of key Kellogg kid cereals.

DelMonte Foods− StarKist Seafood – Led the brand team that completely revitalized the StarKist brand. Directed international teams in translating key consumer insights into testing 200+ new health/wellness concepts, resulting in the launch of StarKist Salmon and the Tuna Fillets brand. Spearheaded all facets of StarKist TV/print and integration campaigns. Partnered with celebrity Chef Art Smith and the American Heart Association on a full scale marketing and social media campaign. Received two “Make a Difference Awards” for achievements in organizational leadership.

CKS/USWEB – Sr. Account Manager lead for PIXAR Animation Studios, Random House, Sears and VISA. Achievements included the creation of a new PIXAR corporate brand identity system, a fully integrated promotional program for the Dr. Seuss line of online living books, complete brand revitalization of Sears, and the development of VISA’s RANKIT college site (early version of Facebook).

YES! Entertainment – Led all brand, product development, licensing and communication efforts for the Power Penz, Yak Bak, WWF, Looney Tunes, Super Soakers and Mrs. Field’s brands.

Julie attended Golden Gate University where she received an MBA in Marketing, and West Virginia University, were she received her BA in Journalism & Psychology. She resides in PA with her husband, son and two dogs.

Dallas Moore

Dallas Moore – CEO and Project Manager – Viper Web Solutions.

Dallas is an environmental advocate and a real supporter of the Big MaMa Earth Project. He founded Viper Web Solutions in October 2008. Dallas a true San Antonio Texan and recruited some of the best and brightest qualified and experienced professionals in the industry.

Since he is a small business owner, he and his staff understand your needs and your dreams, and are willing to go out of our way to help you succeed. Instead of working with large companies that treat you as a number, you can consider working with a team of well qualified specialists like a partnership, who share the same goals as you. We work closely with you so we can all grow our businesses together. We don’t just build websites, we help build successful businesses.

Specialties: graphic design, programming, Joomla development, search engine optimization, internet marketing, SEO consulting, and Joomla Training. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, XML.

Matt Daly

Matt Daly – Chief Creative Officer – Metaversatility – Virtual World Developer.

Matt Daly is an advocate for the environment and one of the leading experts in the virtual world industry. He holds a B.A. in communication from Trinity University, and now holds an MFA in New Media at Austria’s Transart Institute.

Matt’s creative work blends the grammar of cinema with a love of digital artistry. His recent projects have explored rotoscoping animation, machinima, and associated visual motifs as tools for representing the boundaries between virtual and physical realities.

Matt served as both project manager and art director responsible for bringing the jazz station KRTU into the virtual world of Second Life. He continues to nurture the station’s listening community by organizing blended-reality performance events on the radio and in traditional concert venues.

His recent projects Done With Ephemera and Done With Redundancy have experimented with a variety of virtual spaces that can be used for art exhibition and virtual performance.

An avid gamer and skilled game designer, Matt has more than fifteen years of experience with massively multiplayer online spaces. He is the author of two adventure games, and served as the lead designer on the Ethyria project.

Matt has written widely about the ethnographic, parasocial, and aesthetic dimensions of virtual worlds. Matt Daly. “Wizards vs. engineers: Rumble in the proverbial jungle,” June 2005. Matt Daly. “19th century conveyor belts,” June 2004.

Denny Miller

Denny Miller – President – Omni Block – Green Building Product.

Denny is an advocate for the environment and one of the leading experts in the insulated masonry building products industry. He developed and patented a new insulated masonry building product that has gained acceptance in Arizona and other markets. The durability, indigenous raw material usage, labor pools, first cost and environmental advantages have paved the way for the potential world-wide acceptance of this product. Denny understands and promote environmental issues that face the Sonoran Desert and believes that proactive private sector involvement is an effective way to educate, implement and monitor environmental progress.

Denny co-authored the original Scottsdale’s green building program and serves as a masonry Special Inspector with ICBO qualifications. He served as Residential Committee Chairman; Arizona Masonry Guild 1995-2005 and as Executive Board Member; Arizona Masonry Guild 2005-2008 and facilitated an independent energy analysis and economic impact study of 14 different wall systems that are commonly utilized here in Arizona. Omni block can be viewed at His customer base is realizing; lower utility bills while living in a comfortable quiet interior environment, with virtually no exterior maintenance and the satisfaction that the building envelope is environmentally friendly.

Tom Norris

Tom Norris – Norris Architects – Green Sustainable & Conventional Design.

Tom is an advocate for the environment and one of the leading experts in Green Building. He has been promoting and providing green sustainable energy efficient design build services for new homes, remodels, and commercial projects across the United States. As a registered Architect and licensed residential and commercial contractor, he has the knowledge and experience to design what can be built.

Tom Norris’ personal commitment to designing and building “green” sustainable, quality, energy efficient, environmentally friendly projects is exemplified by the fact that he a qualified architect and builder in the City of Scottsdale’s Green Building Program and is ranked as one of the top architects and custom home builders by Arizona Business Magazine, “Ranking Arizona”. He was appointed to the Scottsdale Green Building Advisory Committee in 2009. As a qualified instructor he offers classes to Realtors, educating them in “green” and sustainability. For Sustainable and Green Education, please go to:

Dr. John Plevyak

Dr. John Plevyak Ph.D. – Chief Scientist – Metaversatility.

Dr. Plevyak is an advocate for the environment and has more than 20 years of experience as a researcher, manager, and software architect, he has worked at NASA, Ilex, Accom, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Inktomi, and Cray.

He conducted his undergraduate work at U.C. Berkeley, and he holds a doctorate in computer science from the University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana.

Named on nine patents, eight peer-reviewed papers and a journal article, John is the author of two open source software programs: Dparser and IFA (Iterative FlowAnalysis).

Dr. Plevyak is an active participant in the community of virtual world programmers, and he is an outspoken proponent of open-source initiatives to develop the Metaverse. He sits on the board of the Open Metaverse Foundation.

Barry Stevens

Barry Stevens – Co-Founder of El Puente – The Bridge – located in the rainforest of Costa Rica.

Barry is an advocate for the environment and supporter for rainforest preservation. He is currently President and Co-Founder of El Puente – The Bridge, a humanitarian nonprofit service organization operating in the rainforest of Costa Rica. In its sixth year of operation, the organization has helped 49 indigenous children attend school, has made 29 microloans to fund microbusinesses, and feeds about 100 people a week at its headquarters location in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca.

He is working with a Curandero to preserve traditional knowledge and use of medicinal plants, and has brought many people diagnosed with terminal illness to the curandero, many of whom were cured, to the amazement of their doctors. He organizes a flow of volunteers that come from all over the world for projects such as repair of a vital bridge in the interior of the indigenous reserve, repair and expansion of a schoolhouse, and infrastructure projects at the headquarters which also serves as his home. He is active in the multi-racial, multi-ethnic community that is Puerto Viejo. He is currently developing plans for expansion of this operation, including a unique funding operation based in the US, and is considering additional locations in Ecuador, El Salvador, and Peru. El Puente – The Bridge can be seen by visiting Barry is currently implementing a Life Planning Seminar, based on his “Life Planning Workbook”, a powerful tool used to help college-age young adults “figure out what they want to be when they grow up”. He is also Co-Director of a Study Group for United Centers For Spiritual Living, a spiritual group based on Science of Mind. He formerly served as the COO of a franchise operation in the US, has written a business planning book titled “How To Write A Successful Business Plan”, and has helped raise millions of dollars in venture capital.

Richard C. Bratcher

Richard C. Bratcher – Climate Change and Sustainability Consultant.

Mr. Bratcher is an environmental professional with more than 30 years of technical and leadership experience. His background includes technical and management roles in regulatory, electric utility, consulting, and research and development organizations.

Mr. Bratcher has managed and worked on a broad range of energy and environmental projects and programs during his career. These addressed climate change, air quality, water quality, solid and hazardous waste management, electric and magnetic fields, environmental impact assessments, policy development, compliance assessments, and others. A common theme of his career has been working across the dimensions of science, technology, public policy, and economics.

Mr. Bratcher has a keen interest in helping lay persons understand the implications and opportunities associated with issues such as climate change and sustainability.

Mr. Bratcher has a long track record of successfully managing multidisciplinary, cross-functional teams and integrating results to provide coherent understanding of “big picture” issues such as climate change and sustainability. He has led several teams of environmental scientists, engineers, and economists. Mr. Bratcher has had extensive interactions with governmental, academic, non-profit, financial community, media, and other stakeholders. Mr. Bratcher has a: B.S. Environmental Engineering, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor & M.S. Environmental Health Sciences, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor & Executive Program, The University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Dr. John Janowiak

Dr. John Janowiak – Professor of Health Education Ph.D.

Dr. Janowiak is a Professor of Health Education at Appalachian State University and is a true advocate for the environment and health & fitness. He received his Ph.D. in Health Education at the University of Oregon in 1992. Dr. Janowiak taught health education, physical education and science in Eskimo villages on the North Slope of Alaska and in Wisconsin for 12 years. Dr. Janowiak began teaching at Appalachian State University in 1992. He serves as a graduate faculty member on dissertation committees, on textbook advisory boards, and is an advisory board member for numerous health organizations.

Dr. Janowiak is the author of Integrative Medicine: The Mind-Body Connection (2004) and co-author of The Instructors Guide to an Invitation to Health, 9th ed., (2001) by Wadsworth Publishing Company. Dr. Janowiak is a peer-reviewer for The North Carolina Journal: The NC Alliance for Health, P.E., Recreation and Dance and for the American Journal of Health Education.

Distinctions in teaching include the Excellence in Teaching Award by the Board of Governors of the North Carolina University System and the Outstanding Teacher Award in the Reich College of Education. Additional honors include the Outstanding Scholarship Award in the Reich College of Education at Appalachian State University.

Carl Demetropoulos

Carl Demetropoulos – Senior Wildlife Biologist Ph.D.

Carl is an advocate of the environment and a Fisheries and Wildlife Biologist with approximately 20 years of field & laboratory experience. He has expertise in conducting and analyzing sensitive terrestrial and freshwater/marine aquatic wildlife surveys. He specializes in aquatic habitat surveys of benthic macro invertebrates and fish (ground fish, sculpins and salmonids), larval recruitment, micro/macro algae, but also has experience conducting desert flora, herpetological, and amphibian surveys.

He has conducted investigations in Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, deserts of the western United States and has participated in a variety of projects including; environmental assessment, desert vegetation mapping, wetland delineations, riparian studies, temperate rain forest studies, exotic species introductions, shallow and deep water benthic surveys, rare and endangered species habitat assessments, and culturing & restoration of ESA listed species, e.g. white abalone.

Many of the projects he has worked on were complex linear projects requiring identification and mapping of sensitive flora and fauna, whole habitat drivers, food web relationships, nutrient profiling, characterization of development impacts, and the identification of mitigation and restoration opportunities. Carl in a excellent communicator and has taught various ecology, oceanography, aquaculture, and environmental courses at colleges and universities.

Bart Greenberg

Bart Greenberg – Legal Advisor – Mergers, Acquisitions, Start-ups.

Bart is concerned about environmental issues and he will serve as one of Big MaMa Earth’s Legal Advisor. Bart is a partner in the Orange County office of the law firm of Haynes and Boone’s which has a strong focus on intellectual property, technology transactions, corporate and litigation services.

He also was a partner in the law firm of Manet, Phelps, & Phillips. This law firm is a recognized leader in entertainment representation and includes as clients, many of the leading production companies, film actors, writers, directors, musicians and movie studios.

Bart practices general corporate law with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity financings and the cost-effective representation of entrepreneurs, start-ups and emerging technology companies. Mr. Greenberg serves as Co-Chair of the firm’s Venture Capital & Technology practice group.

Bart is also a strong contributor to the community by his tireless support and active involvement in many local technology organizations, including, among others, Tech Coast Venture Network, where he currently serves as its Chairman, TechBiz Connection, where he currently serves on its Board, the Office of Technology Transfer & Commercialization, California State University, San Bernardino, where he currently serves as a reviewer and evaluator of grant applications, and the Digital Media Center in Santa Ana, California, where he currently serves on its Advisory Board.

John Nicholson

John Nicholson – Legal Advisor – Virtual World Privacy & Data Protection.

John is concerned about environmental issues and is an attorney in Pillsbury’s Global Sourcing group. Mr. Nicholson helps clients structure, negotiate and document complex sourcing transactions and he is also a lead member of the firm’s Privacy and Data Protection practice.

Mr. Nicholson’s practice includes negotiating and preparing software licensing, development, and implementation agreements; data center, information technology (IT), and business process (BPO) outsourcing relationships, including help desk and back office outsourcings; offshore outsourcing arrangements; IT consulting agreements; software, hardware, and outsourcing requests for proposals (RFPs); hardware and software procurement transactions; enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation and licensing agreements (e.g., SAP and Oracle); and Internet technology matters, including web site hosting, content, and Terms of Use agreements. As part of his privacy and data protection practice, Mr. Nicholson advises clients with regard to global data protection laws and handling data breaches for the Virtual World Industry.

Mr. Nicholson is a frequent speaker and writer on topics related to sourcing transactions and privacy and data security. Before joining Pillsbury, Mr. Nicholson was the internal project manager for an Oracle implementation at a mid-size company and was the acting director of information technology. Before obtaining his law degree and MBA, Mr. Nicholson was a physicist with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Superconducting Super Collider program.

Federico San Martin

Federico San Martin – “Fun Energetic FED”  – Team Member.

Fed is an advocate for animal rights and the environment. He is a Marketing professional with more than 11 years of management experience in the entertainment, licensing and toy industries managing global brands such as: Hot Wheels, Baby Einstein, Batman and Scooby-Doo, driving achievements of the highest priority, sales growth, brand development, product launch, market share, distribution expansion, and operations efficiency goals. Fed brings to the Big MaMa Earth team exceptional executive-leadership skills with talent for establishing and communicating vision, executing according to plan, and motivating teams and individuals to achieve all company objectives.

Beginning his career in the toy industry, Fed developed an interest in the consumer products industry and parlayed this interest into a Director of Consumer Products position at Warner Bros. Demonstrating initiative from the start, Fed developed procedures that help save the company tens-of-thousands in cost annually and eliminated duplication efforts.

Most recently, Fed was challenged with setting up and developing the soccer business for Warner Bros. Consumer Products in the Americas. His work was instrumental in achieving compliance with licensors and establishing ground rules for licensees. In a downturn economy Fed was able to generate a 28% growth for the soccer business in a year–over-year comparison.

Throughout his career, Fed has had the opportunity to establish a strong network of contacts in many industries, but his favorite network is his family. Fed and his wife are teaching their kids about recycling, protecting animals and the environment in a fun and loving way hoping that they will carry on and teach others to be good to Big MaMa Earth. Recently the San Martin’s helped a Farm for mistreated and abandoned animals in Long Beach, CA, it was a day of fun under the sun! Fed is excited to be part of the Big MaMa Earth Project because he knows that this project would be a stepping-stone into making a better world for generations to come.

Eric Kim

Eric Kim – “Environmental Earnings Eric” Advisory Board.

Environmental Eric is an advocate for the environment and the numbers guy on the team. He has spent his entire career working with spreadsheets, databases, forecasts, budgets and financial models…and oh yeah, working with people too. Eric has been an active participant in Clean Technology investments and enjoys spending time with his niece, nephew, digital media and entertainment, so Big MaMa Earth is the right place for him.

Eric is the Managing Director and Founder of Write Business Capital LLC, a consulting firm for start up ventures. He is a seasoned professional and has held positions as Vice President – Technology Investment Banking for Bank of America/Merrill Lynch and Sr. Business Consultant for Authur Andersen, LLP. Eric has over 15 years experience in Investment Banking, Venture Capital / Private Equity, Financial Planning & Analysis and Business Consulting. Eric received his M.B.A. from Wharton.

David Pierce

David Pierce – “Triathlete David” – Team Member.

David feels strongly about the environment and is a competitive runner and triathlete. He is an accomplished corporate leader with over 20 years experience driving the strategic turnaround and growth of high profile companies and divisions in the media and entertainment sector. Balancing advanced business acumen, a revenue-driven mindset, and a common sense approach to achieving results, David has consistently revitalized underperforming businesses, driven year-over-year revenue and market share gains in one of the toughest and most competitive industries.

Most recently, Mr. Pierce has consulted for a series of technology and digital media Start-ups and SMB’s where he has offered management oversight and financial sourcing alternatives. He has functioned in a variety of capacities as CEO, Acting-COO, Board of Director and Advisory Board Member.

Sony Music Entertainment — Sony Pictures Entertainment — Atari — New World Pictures

He is the former President and CEO of Atari Inc., a NASDAQ, $150 million interactive media company. David was recruited to overhaul the U.S. operation while redirecting the corporate strategy in order to position the business for new growth.

Mr. Pierce has held SVP and EVP roles with Sony Corporation USA, where he successfully managed and grew Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment and Sony Wonder, completely restructuring both businesses and dramatically re-invigorating revenue and profit performance:

  • Increased Columbia Tristar revenues by 250% and more that doubled market share from 12% to 25% – reengineered the business, spearheaded a complete strategic and cultural shift, and orchestrated new partnerships with Sony Electronic Publishing, Epic Home Video, New Line Pictures, Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, and Toys R Us
  • Restructured and re-strategized Sony Wonder from a $75 million division with $15 million annual losses to a $200 million business generating $15 million in annual profits – improved the operating infrastructure, re-built the sales and marketing mechanisms, and negotiated over $110 million in new deals.
  • To complement his successes in the business arena, David volunteers as an Advisory Board Member for Indiana University’s MBA Sports & Entertainment Academy and serves as a Mentor with Michigan State’s Eli Broad College of Business. Equally driven in his personal life, David is a competitive runner and triathlete with the Boston Marathon, New York Marathon, Florida Half-Ironman, and international marathons in London and Dublin to his credit.

Al Lowenheim

Al Lowenheim – “Art Al”  – Co-Founder/Team Member.

Art Al is an advocate for the environment and animals and he has been making cartoons for children since he was a child himself. He started making animated films as a young boy, and won a Cannes Film Festival Silver Medal for one of these films.

As Art Al grew up he never lost his passion for creating cartoon characters that resonate with children. He has illustrated over 15 children’s books, and produced the animation for many award-winning animated children’s TV series, including Animals, Animals, Animals and Infinity Factory. He even animated “Shamu” the Whale for Sea World.

Al loves making fun cartoon characters for kids everywhere more than anything, especially the Big MaMa Earth characters…through which kids can have loads of fun, and learn about the earth and its environment at the same time.

Kevin Carr

Creative Director – (GreenTwithTamara.TV).

Kevin Carr is a true advocate for the environment and the co-creator along with his partner Tamara Henry and serves as the creative director, camera operator and editor for GreenTwithTamara.TV. He has been working in television production at the network level in the Los Angeles television market for more than 25 years. Carr has been performing as a freelance Studio Camera Operator and Technical Director for NBC’s “Access Hollywood” for the past eight years.

Kevin is an Emmy Award Winner (Technical Director, 1999) and has worked as a Technical Director and Camera Operator in both news and entertainment production for ABC, NBC, FOX and many others. Some of the shows that have benefited from Carr’s technical directing skills include General Hospital (ABC), Divorce Court (syndicated), Port Charles (ABC) and Passions (NBC). Before working on the those weekday shows, he served such news media as KABC-TV Ch.7 News, Fox Sports Net, KWHY Ch. 22 and FNN (Financial News Network) in various roles, including electronic graphics, directing, camera operation and technical directing. Carr also worked as a staff Writer/Director for Rockwell International’s, Rocketdyne Division, creating marketing and training videos for the space shuttle program, Defense Department and Department of Energy. Recently, Carr has been utilizing his expertise and skills as an internet content creator, generating content for the web for GreenTwithTamara.TV with great success. He directs, shoots and edits all of the content for GreenTwithTamaraTV. Kevin won first place and the video grand prize in June 2008 for his work as the director, camera operator and editor on the “Bellylove” music video entitled I’m Too Old for American Idol on

Tamara Henry

Tamara Henry – “Green T” Big MaMa Earth’s Eco-Spokesperson.

Tamara is a true advocate for the environment and health & fitness. Green T is a nationally recognized eco-TV host. She has worked for various television shows and a former WB and Fox evening news anchorwoman who has graced audiences for the last twelve years with extensive coverage of red carpet and green carpet events for the film festival circuit, award shows and eco-green events.

She has interviewed celebrities and icons in the environmental movement such as: James Cameron, Morgan Freeman, Jada Pinkett Smith, Dan Aykroyd, Adrian Grenier, Ed Begley Jr., Al Gore and many more.

Tamara was instrumental in helping the 2010 Miss America Pageant GO GREEN with her “Green is Gorgeous” Interactive Eco-Contest, featuring all 53 contestants. Eco-TV host Tamara Henry, “Green T” helped the nationally televised 2010 Miss America Pageant truly go Green & Gorgeous.

She has also appeared on The Tonight Show, Access Hollywood, Oxygen, Style Network, Bravo, and USA Network. In her newest venture, she is the co-creator, with her partner Kevin Carr, and host of “GreenTwithTamara.TV” Green T is all about raising consciousness and the environment. Tamara often asks people her famous question, “What does being green mean to you?” The Green T webisodes are popular among people who enjoy a non-political, eco-friendly, entertaining and conscious perspective on environmental issues. The webisodes can be seen on her Video page.

Tamara is a registered producer at Discovery Communications, having co-produced a film currently on the Military Channel, and is a comedy reality star along with her dog “Jimmy Chew” on Animal Planet.

Tamara is dedicated to conscious entertainment and is an activist for environmental causes. Her best friends have been calling her “Green T” because of her commitment to everything Green. Tamara truly walks the talk, as she has been roller-blading, carpooling and taking public transportation to get around L.A. for the past nine years. Green T is all about HOPE – Healing Our Planet Earth.