Recycling Centers

Big MaMa Earth supports the (3-R’s), Recycling, Reducing & Reusing. Big MaMa Earth is working together with schools and businesses to educate children in proper Recycling, Reducing and Reusing of  E-Waste, Printer Cartridges, Plastics & Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottles, Cardboard, Aluminum & Aluminum Cans & Bottles, Steel & Steel Cans, etc..

Please call for a list of Big MaMa Earth’s  E-Waste, Cell Phone & Printer Cartridge Recycling Centers.  Now you will be able to help the environment by recycling old cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices and printer cartridges for FREE!

Big MaMa Earth offers schools, non-profit organizations and charities an opportunity to participate in an E-Waste and Cell Phone & Printer Cartridge collection fund rasing event.

We have partnered with the Funding Factory, please click on the following link and register today and let Big MaMa Earth support your event to help clean up the Planet and raise money for your organization.

We also ask that you PLEASE DONATE to the BIG MAMA EARTH LEARNING ACADEMY. To make a donation or to become a Sponsor or Partner with Big MaMa Earth Learning Academy, please call us at 888-849-1233.

For more information, please call 1- 888-849-1233.

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