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EcoExpo 365 (Click to View Website)

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EcoExpo365 is an online community that brings together relevant and “like minded” constituencies, such as: Material manufacturers and distributors Reclamation centers, processors and other supply chain providers Waste & recycling companies Environmental associations Investors, business and “green” media Environmental specialists Corporate social responsibility leaders & environmentally-conscious marketers Buyers and other opinion makers


ONGOING EVENT – Big MaMa Earth & ME TV Show Creation – Kickstarter Feb-April 2012 (Click to View Link) *PLEASE DONATE* to the *BIG MAMA EARTH LEARNING ACADEMY*

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Big MaMa Earth Entertainment is teaming up with Kickstarter to to assist in the creation of our new childrens environmental TV show called Big MaMa Earth & ME. Please go to the Kickstarter site for a complete explanation of our campaign. The following pictures our some of the rewards that we are offering for your kind pledges:


GREENsense/GREENspot DROPoff – Palm Desert, CA

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Big MaMa Earth & GREENsense/GREENspot DROPoff are working together with schools and businesses to educate children in proper Recycling, Reducing and Reusing of  E-Waste, Printer Cartridges, Plastics & Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottles, Cardboard, Aluminum & Aluminum Cans & Bottles, Steel & Steel Cans, etc..  Big MaMa Earth thanks GREENsense/GREENspot DROPoff for its support and sponsorship.