County of Orange, CA

We want to thank Big MaMa Earth for co-hosting our Green Fair 2012 with the Wyland Foundation.  Green Fair 2012 was a great success.  We support and love Big MaMa Earth.

Water for Children Music & Eco-Fest

We want to thank Big MaMa Earth and the Eco-Earth Kids for co-hosting the Water for Children Music & Eco-Fest at San Diego City College in San Diego. Big MaMa Earth was the hit of the show. Many kids and family members enjoyed Eco-music that Ross and the Eco-Earth Kids sung.

Fiesta Days – City of Canyon Lake, CA

We at the City of Canyon Lake want to thank Big MaMa Earth for performing at our Fiesta Days event.  We are the largest event in Riverside County and Big MaMa Earth Co-hosted this annual event. Thousands of excited kids and families participated in the fun this year with a parade, watermelon eating contest, waterski show and much more. Big MaMa Earth walked around in the crowd and received hugs and had many pictures taken.

Licensing International Expo

Big MaMa Earth leading tha parade of characters at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas - June 2011

We want to thank Big MaMa Earth for attending our international event.  It was a pleasure for Big MaMa Earth to lead our parade of characters and we support the Big MaMa Earth Movement.

Quail Valley Elementary School – Santa’s Workshop

We want to thank Big MaMa Earth and the Eco-Earth Kids for supporting and performing at our Spark of Love Toy Drive and Menifee’s Santa’s Workshop.  This year over 1000 deserving underserved children received  a special picture with Santa and a pick of a toy.  Thank you again Big MaMa Earth and please come back next year.

Green Kids Conference – Green Kids Now

We support the Big MaMa Earth Learning Academy and want to thank Big MaMa Earth for supporting our Green Kids Conference.

Green Kids Now, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization, with the goal for a cleaner and healthier planet.  Green Kids Now was founded by a kid with a vision to enable kids to join together from all around the world to care for our environment, raise awareness, take action, and share ideas & experiences. It is truly, “For Kids, By Kids”, which means that all programs and services ideas originate from children, and it is implemented in schools and local communities with children being leaders.

As part of our efforts to raise awareness and provide learning opportunities for children and their families, we have been organizing, “Green Kids Conference” to accelerate the learning experience and help children to explore the various areas of environmental science and sustainability, and also to promote, encourage, and reward new innovative ideas from kids.



Go Green Expo

It was great to have Big MaMa Earth host the children’s and family section of the Go Green Expo on April 15th to the 17th. Big MaMa Earth was well received and was the talk of the entire show. We support the Green Movement and Big MaMa Earth.

Temecula Rod Run

The Temecula Rod Run is a Car Show for adults and we wanted to draw in more families with kids this year.  Big MaMa Earth hosted our first Green Children’s Temecula Rod Run on Saturday March 12th. The kids and families loved the passion and energy of Big MaMa Earth and
we all learned a lot from their recycle, reduce, and reuse program. Thank you Big MaMa Earth for attending our Event, you are always welcome to host more children’s events.

Pasadena Unified School District

We at the Pasadena Unified School District were excited to have Big MaMa Earth, Ross, Cathy & the Eco Earth-Kids at our event this year.  They performed Eco-Music and presenting their Recycle, Reduce & Reuse program to our kids and teachers at the Madison elementary school. Big MaMa Earth helped in making our  “2011 Walk to School Week” a real success.  We issued Big MaMa Earth a “Cerification of Appreciation”.

Girl Scouts of SOCAL – Girltopia Event

The staff at Girltopia was very pleased to have Big MaMa Earth, Cathy & the Eco Earth-Kids as Special Guests at our Girltopia Event. Big MaMa Earth met and greeted thousands of Girl Scouts and their families.  Big MaMa Earth and the Eco-Earth Kids were great additions to our Show. We love Big MaMa Earth.

Green Festival

We at the Green Festival want to thank Big MaMa Earth, Cathy, the vocal artist Ross and the Eco-Earth Kids for performing at the Green Festival on Saturday October 29, 2011. They were the hit of the Children’s Area and our show. We at the Green Festival support the Big MaMa Earth Movement.

ABC7 Spark of Love Toy Drive

Big MaMa Earth is assisting ABC7 Spark of Love Toy Drive in the collection of new unwrapped toys and sports equipment to be distributed to deserving underserved children in communities in Southern California. We are asking that you donate an unwrapped toy or sports equipment and Big MaMa Earth will make arrangements to pick up that toy or you can drop it off at our office.

Good Dirt Radio

Good Dirt Radio is excited to see Big MaMa Earth take off and we support this kind of pro-active, early education… the key to creating a healthier planet.  Good Dirt Radio reports on sustainable, energy and money saving ideas with examples that can be emulated at home, in your office or community.  Help us get our free programming on a station near you!

Dixon Golf – Tempe, AZ

We at Dixon Golf support and think the Big MaMa Earth Project is timely and needed.  We support the green movement and are the World’s only manufacturer of high-performance eco-friendly golf equipment and apparel. We are proud to be a Green Partner of Big MaMa Earths.

Sunrise Ford – Fontana, CA

Sunrise Ford supports the Big MaMa Earth movement and has contributed a new 2011 F150 Eco-boost 4X4 truck to Big MaMa Earth at below dealer cost to tow the Big MaMa Earth 20′ presentation trailer to events. We at Sunrise Ford supports the Green Movement and what Big MaMa Earth stands for!!

Ed Begley Jr. – Living with Ed

Big MaMa Earth, Green T and Ed Begley Jr. at Go Green Expo - April 2011

I meet Big MaMa Earth at the Go Green Expo and support the Big MaMa Earth movement.  Big MaMa Earth is a wonderful teaching opportunity for kids and families to learn about the environment and real life solutions.

Sierra Club

We at the Sierra Club support the Big MaMa Earth Project.  Children our the future of this Planet and Big MaMa Earth is leading the way in children’s environmental education.

Green Peace

We at Green Peace support the Big MaMa Earth movement.  We also feel that the children of the world are the leaders of tomorrow and will make changes today.

American Red Cross

We at the American Red Cross support the Big MaMa Earth Project. It was a pleasure working with them at the Go Green Expo for Japanese Disaster relief. We are looking forward to partnering with Big MaMa Earth on other fundraising events.

MadWire Web Design – Loveland, Colorado

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