PAST EVENTS – Walk to School Week – October 3rd-7th, 2011- Pasadena Unified School District (Big MaMa Earth & Eco Earth-Kids Presented 3-R Program to Elementary School(s) (Click to View Pictures)


Big MaMa Earth, Ross, Cathy & the Eco Earth-Kids performed Eco-Music and presented it’s 3-R program (Recycle, Reduce & Reuse) to over 600 enthusiastic school kids and teachers at Madison elementary school in the Pasadena Unified School District for “2011 Walk to School Week”. The kids loved Big MaMa Earth and the Eco-Earth Kids.

Monday October 3rd 2011- Altadena Elementary
Tuesday October 4th 2011- Willard Elementary
Wednesday October 5th 2011- Webster Elementary
Thursday October 6th 2011- Madison Elementary
Friday October 7th 2011- Cleveland Elementary

International Walk to School Week takes place around the world the first week in October. It’s an international week that raises awareness about the positive ways walking to school helps children and communities. In neighborhoods all around the world, the U.S. and 30 other countries including Mexico, South Korea, India and Great Britain, “the first week in October” is the week to walk to school! The goal is to encourage more adults and children to walk to school together to raise awareness about:

  • The importance of teaching children safe walking behaviors, such as how to cross streets, and how to select safe routes to school.
  • How easy and enjoyable walking is! Adults and children spend healthy, active time together doing the world’s simplest exercise – walking.
  • Taking specific steps to create more walkable communities such as advocating for more crosswalks, sidewalks, crossing guards and better driver behavior.


It started in 1998 with just a few schools. Now, thousands of people in California – and millions worldwide – take part each October. Walk to School Week is a simple event to host, and has provided immediate results for hundreds of schools. Register your event each year to join the network of local event coordinators who receive incentives and assistance in the months leading up to the International Walk to School Week. Why hold an event? Because it works!

If this year’s date is not convenient for you, simply designate another week. You can adapt most materials from the toolkit section of this website. There are fact sheets, letters, a resolution, etc. already updated to specifically promote walk to school week.


Local organizers tend to be parents involved with school safety issues (via a PTA or Healthy Start program) or professionals involved with promoting traffic safety (public health, public works, local officials). Some events have students gather and walk together in a ‘walking school bus‘ with parents, celebrities and dignitaries. Other events are designed so families can complete walkability checklists as they walk their usual route, enabling parents to teach safety skills and identify ways that communities can make improvements that improve the route’s safety, access and aesthetics.

California Walk to School Headquarters staff post resource materials on this website for easy access, and provide additional assistance by both individual and group teleconferences. Local organizers learn from one another the importance of local partners from business and government sectors; about tapping financial resources; suggestions for recruiting escorts, such as sports team mascots and marching bands; and how to enlist the support of media and local officials.


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